Work methods

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Work methods

Here at the Herpetofauna foundation we work in a variety of different ways, and we are constantly adapting the methods we use to be as efficient as we can.

The main body of our work is focused on helping conservation organisations and conservation projects by raising as much money as we can to help them achieve their goals. We will also provide a more hands on service of intellectual input and also field services if needed (where specific authorization is given).  Being committed to achieving our goals, we have developed a work method that is slightly different from the way many other conservation organizations work:

  • First and foremost we don’t let other organisations do our work for us. This is very important to us. We have got total control on the decisions being made in the selection of the projects and the financial support and therefore know exactly how the funds are used and controlled. We also value your opinion in the decision making process.
  • The accumulation of funds is an active process as well as a passive one. The active way of raising money for our various supported projects comes from people on the ground at trade shows and conventions. We aim to be present at all European events to promote both reptile and amphibian conservation and welfare.. The Internet will also have a role in promoting our projects with the help of other organisations and the many active forums on the Internet that concern themselves with animals and their care.
  • We will also aim to initiate and visit meetings to bring our ideas to a larger crowd. This is very important for global conservation effort. All funds obtained by giving lectures and the publishing of articles will also help to raise money.
  • The passive way in which we raise money for the projects we support is through our website. We will give people the opportunity to donate money on our bank account. If you would like to donate to help in the conservation of reptiles and amphibians, please click on our DONATE  button.

The biggest difference with the Herpetofauna foundation is that you will help to decide how the money we raise is spent.  Our ‘current projects’ section shows a list of the different conservation programs, we have carefully selected, or that have been initiated by us. All these projects are financially supported by us and all other involvement will only take place if these projects request our input in other areas. In this way we don’t interfere with the primary goals of these organisations. 

Every year, we will give out a financial statement on the website to show everyone how the money has been spent, because as a non-profit organisation we want to use our means as best as we can. The sponsored project will then be removed from the list and replaced by another; this way all projects have the ability to receive the same kind of support.

We welcome your suggestions for reptile and amphibian conservation programs. Please contact us with details of the project and we will do our best to accommodate it.

The Herpetofauna foundation will also try to attend discussions on animal welfare issues that are initiated by other organisations as well as local governments, and will also try to give new input to these discussions.