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Reaserch project Chytrid fungus

Reaserch project Chytrid fungus

$ 4,590 donated by Herpetofauna
2010 - present Project duration

For several years the world’s population of amphibians has been under constant threat, most of these threats involved the destruction and pollution of their natural habitat. Therefore lots of amphibian species could no longer sustain healthy populations and the chytrid fungus destroyed these population even more and drove many species to the brink of extinction. The fungus causes a disease called chytriomycose that destroys healthy tissue and it’s extremely contagious.

The IUCN has called this disease the worst threat ever to have faced a group of vertebrates. If this fungus isn’t stopped in time, it could have a devastating  effect on the world population of amphibians and therefore research is extremely important. The herpetofauna foundation will help with this research financially. This research project will be conducted in the Netherlands and Belgium by RAVON and the university of Gent.