Rainforests Bahia

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Rainforests Bahia

$ 1,000 donated by Herpetofauna
2008 - 2013 Project duration

The Brazilian rainforest has been under threat for many years. Destruction of forest for farming, polution and poaching of local wildlife and plants has had a great impact on the state of the enviroment. It has become increasingly difficult for the animals to survive in these conditions.

Loss of habitat threatens more than 150 species of reptiles and amphibians. To get a clear idea of which animals need protection the hardest a study is underway to investigate the exact numbers of specific animals, feeding behaviour, reproduction and the size of the natural range.

Thankfully a few organisations have started to support this important work, the Herpetofauna foundation is one of the contributors. With funding from our sponsors we can help the people from the University of Kent(GB) that are coordinating the efforts, we especially want to thank one of our “friends”of the foundation for his generous support with this project( Reptech technologies) for donating field working equiptment.