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Cellular research snake venoms

Cellular research snake venoms

$ 1,500 donated by Herpetofauna
2015 - 2016 Project duration

Snake venoms are being used to produce anti-venom for snake bites or for scientific research into their potential as medicine. Because of this demand for snake venom large snake farms exist in which snakes are kept and milked for their venom. Animal welfare on these farms is questionable. Therefore a research will be started into alternative production routes for snake venom.

By making reptilian ‘cell lines’ snake venoms could be produced without the need for real animals. Additionally these cell lines could be used to research reptilian diseases and test medicines. Hopefully the production of snake venom in cell lines will reduce the need for snake farms and thereby increase animal welfare as well as stimulating research into snake venom applications.

Donation; The Herpetofauna foundation aids with logistics and helps obtain basic materials for research!