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Bali Reptile Rescue

Bali Reptile Rescue

$ 500 donated by Herpetofauna
2016 - present Project duration

Many that follow the work of the herpetofauna foundation know that we’re very committed to protect the king cobra in its natural habitat and range.

Unfortunately many animals are killed or under threat due to human development, poaching , pollution, climate change and habitat destruction.                                                                                            

Some kings however are killed due to fear as many other snakes fall victim to the same ignorance, this has to stop!!!

Not only are snakes vital for the environment , they also manage past species that destroy crops and many venomous snakes have potent medicinal properties in their venom that can cure diseases ranging from vascular disease to cancer.

The Bali reptile rescue team is working hard to save the lives of these remarkable animals and are currently helped by a Dutch volunteer (Wessel Bos) who asked us for our help in this endeavour and knows about our work with king cobras in India and Thailand.

Together with Wessel we joined forces with Jory van Thiel , another Dutch volunteer that worked in Thailand and is a team member of the Herpetofauna foundation to raise awareness and funds here in Holland.