For nature events

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For nature events

The Herpetofauna foundation organises the “for nature” events to raise funds for reptiles and amphibians. These events are fun and playful and suitable for the whole family.

When you visit these events, all the proceeds of the day will go to the various projects.

This way you’ll have a great and fun filled day , while the animals are helped in the process.

Some well-known “for nature” events are body art for nature, a bodypaint festival. Models can participate for a small fee or can be sponsored. The artists all donate their time and so does the venue. All the proceeds can be used for the conservation of reptiles and amphibians.

Auction for nature

Another annual “for nature” event is the auction for nature at which we auction off great terrarium equipment and merchandise. All materials are generously donated by companies and enthusiasts.

As with the body art for nature event, all proceeds benefit the animals.

There will be more “for nature” events in the near future and they will be posted on the event section of the site.