Turtle project

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Turtle project

The herpetofauna foundation believes strongly in education for children and therefore we’ve developed a special , educational program for kids ranging from ages 4 to 12.

This interactive program lets children come to understand the various threats our world has to face and what they themselves can do about it.

Topics like recycling, conservation, pollution and durability are taught through different games and quizzes.

This project is a joint venture between Herpetofauna and Healthy seas, an organisation that aids in the removal of ghost nets in the worlds ocean’s in which lots of marine life lose their lives. These ghost nets are very recyclable.

The turtle is the main character in this project and children are very motivated to learn about these magnificent animals and the challenges they face.

Every school that joins the program, get all the material free of charge. We only ask the school to think of a nice way to raise funds for charity like a sponsored walk. This gets the children even more involved in the conservation efforts of turtles worldwide.

At the moment, the program is only available in the Netherlands.