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A warm heart for cold blood

The Herpetofauna foundation works hard for the wellbeing and protection of reptiles and amphibians worldwide and does so through various educational programs, fundraisers and charity events. We also aid in funding for scientific research.

Medicine derived from animal toxins

363,400,000 Patients that could have been helped with medicine derived from animal toxins

Venomous creatures are often feared but most of us forget that their venom can be used to produce medicine that could save millions of lives.


4,427 Total amount of reptiles and amphibians that currently face extinction worldwide

Reptiles and amphibians are two of the most threatened animal groups on the planet. The most endangered animal in the world is a reptile. These animals play a crucial part in every ecosystem and they really need our help

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The Herpetofauna foundation organises the “for nature events”, these fundraisers are simply a wonderful day of activities for the whole family to enjoy. We also visit various trade shows and animal related events every year.

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Are you as passionate about these beautiful animals as us? Are you interested in the various researches and results? Help us as a volunteer or by donating some money.


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The Herpetofauna foundation is a fully non-profit organisation and therefore works exclusively with volunteers. Opportunities to start working with us are always available. (Netherlands only)

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Conservation projects, events and scientific research are mostly funded by donations. So every euro is well spent!

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