Protection of the Radiated Tortoise

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Protection of the Radiated Tortoise

$ 5,900 donated by Herpetofauna
2010 - 2013 Project duration

The radiated tortoise who is indigenous to the forests of Madagascar is one of the most critically endangered tortoise species in the world and the IUCN has listed the species as such. One of the biggest threats is poaching for its meat but the illegal pet trade also takes his share of animals. The protection of its habitat will take lots of effort and funds and many of the woodlands are still being destroyed. If no action is taken, this species will probably be extinct in the next 20 years. The species protection program was started by the WCS (world conservation society) and the TSA ( turtle survival alliance).

Thanks to the donations from the herpetofauna foundation, logistics are under way for the transport of tortoises to the breeding station. Many of the species in Madagascar will depend on these breeding stations for their protection and conservation for many years to come. Thanks to the efforts of the TSA, this project is able to help these animals.

Our donation was doubled by an anonymous gift.