Conservation of the Aruban Rattlesnake

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Conservation of the Aruban Rattlesnake

$ 1,785 donated by Herpetofauna
2009 - 2011 Project duration

The Aruban rattlesnake is an endemic species of Aruba, and is therefore found nowhere else in the world, these animals are very sensitive for habitat destruction. Fortunately their natural habitat is protected by the development of the Arikok national Park, but unfortunately the species is also threatened by the completion of introduced species like the boa constrictor. To help protect this species plans are underway for a long term breeding program that was initiated by the Arikok national park, the Toledo zoo in Ohio.

The Herpetofauna foundation is proud to announce that the donation to the Arikok national park for the protection of the Cascabel has been used for the development of an educational display in the main visitors centre of the national park in which the rattlesnake is housed for the public to see and also learn the importance of preserving such a remarkable animal.